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Yes Means Yes, But Yes to What?

By Ebba Zajmi Gjergji. A November panel on campus sexual violence explored ways on how to understand sexual violence. The panel discussion, which took place at Hunter College on November 5, 2014, was a on the legislature and the consensus was that the law is a step in the right direction, but the nation needs […]

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Coach Profile: James Cisco

By Gabriel Lorenzo. Last month James Cisco was named  Head Coach of the Men’s baseball team. With four and a half months to go before baseball season, Coach Cisco already has his game plan ready to get to work. “I was excited and anxious to get started. I feel that we have a lot of […]

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Coach Profile: John McKenna

By Ricky Corporan. This fall, Bronx native John McKenna was promoted to Head Coach of the softball program after his tenure as Assistant Coach. During  McKenna’s tenure as Assistant Coach, the Lady Lightings entered the CUNY Athletic Conference in the number 5 seed. Coach McKenna said  that “ being a [softball] coach in the Bronx […]

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October 22 Police Brutality and Racism Rally

  By Colin Morgan. On October 22, 2014,CUNY students rallied in front of the Lehman College bookstore in an effort to raise awareness of police brutality and racism. The rally attracted a small crowd of students, many of whom were holding up signs relating to police brutality, the Michael Brown shooting, and immigration issues. Members […]

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Hackathon at Lehman

By Colin Morgan. On November 14 and 15, 2014, a new student club called the National Society for Black Engineers (NSBE) will hold a Hackathon event for CUNY students. The Hackathon is an event where students will be challenged to create a computer or phone application based on a set of guidelines within 12 hours. […]

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Lehman Reacts to “Yes Means Yes”

By Ebba Zajmi Gjergji. SUNY introduced a new sexual assault policy in October similar to California’s “Yes Means Yes” law, that will focus on affirmative consent. The policy is intended to prevent cases of sexual assault. 64 SUNY campuses have adopted it and Governor Cuomo has called it the first step in a statewide policy, […]

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Dzul Dance: From the Jungle to the Bronx

By Ebba Zajmi Gjergji. The Dzul Dance Company’s performance of Mexico Maya, by the Jamie Lucero Mexican Studies Institute, was held in the Lovinger Theatre and was a celebration of Mexican culture, Latino heritage and the Company’s 10th anniversary. The company’s artistic director, Javier Dzul, said this spectacular performance came from his fear of not […]

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A Mentor on My Bookshelf

By Ebba Zajmi Gjergji. I’m the type of person who is constantly spring-cleaning; I consider it a cathartic exercise. Every couple of months, there are donation and trash bags outside of my door. The things I can never throw out or give away, however, are my books. I’ve been collecting books since I can remember. […]

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Unpacking My Library

By Nora Moncada. The difficulty in discussing my library lies in its disorder. Walter Benjamin’s essay explores the disorder of book collection due to the “chaos of memories,” the fact that each book of a single collection has a different meaning and history for the collector. Benjamin considers a kind of intangible chaos, while the […]

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RSCC Panel Promotes Revolution

  By Ana Torres. The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC), held a panel discussion on Sept. 17 at the CUNY Graduate Center to discuss the growing militarization of CUNY, how to stop it, and what the RSCC is doing to encourage students to become revolutionaries. Six students (identified as the CUNY 6)– five of whom […]

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