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The Voices of the Silenced

By Amy Alvarez, Ruben Zorillo, Rosa Rodriguez, Melissa Duran and Claudia Oviedo from the Social Work Department. Because of the punitive tactics of the immigration policies in the US policy, undocumented Latinas are at disadvantage when facing domestic violence. The NYPD responds to 250,000 domestic incidents annually or around 600 calls per day. There are […]

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The Time is Now

Faith Dempster. Talking to children about racism and diversity seems to be as difficult as talking to them about sex.  Difficult though it might be, the racial conflicts which they are bound to encounter in this increasingly diverse societyare unavoidable, and trying to protect them from the real world will only make it difficult for […]

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Disrespecting the Castle

By Christopher Bethea. When I told my friend Johnny that I ordered one hamburger from White Castle, he laughed hysterically.

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Op-Ed: I Do Not Want Your Purse

By Johnny Jones. One day, as a friend and I were walking downtown to get a great deal on dumplings in China Town, something familiar happened.

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Drop the “I” Word

By Fernando A. Uraga. “Illegal immigrants,” “Illegal aliens,” or simply “Illegal” are all terms that are used incorrectly and in a derogatory manner. The Lehman College DREAM Team started a campaign called, Drop The I-Word to create awareness of the negative implications of this word.

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Op-Ed: The Most Important Part of the Day

By Jonathan Jones. A few weeks ago, as my Lehman associates and I entered the D train in order to travel to Manhattan for a movie, it was apparent that we all had a long week. The week was full of class, homework and internships that pay in experience.

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What Are You?

A mixed race student with an unusual biography describes her lifelong struggle with self-definition.

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Natural Selection

An Indian student laments her culture’s obsession with light skin. 

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Libya’s Dilemma; America’s Battle

Mediaite It’s tough being the President… especially these past two weeks. Mr. Obama has received criticism ever since he authorized an air assault on Libya on March 19. According to the President, this assault was initiated after Muammar Qaddafi declared he would show “no mercy” to his people. He’s been ruling with an iron fist […]

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Editorial: The Spin Factor

As the crisis in Libya escalates, American Media pulls a veil over the truth.

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